(KRON) — A bald eagle recently had an unfortunate run-in with the back patio window of a home in Palo Alto, according to Palo Alto Animal Control. Officers with PA Animal Control got a report late last month of a bald eagle that was injured in the backyard of a home in the Greenmeadow neighborhood.

“The officers thought that surely the report of an eagle was incorrect, and the bird was most likely a hawk or owl,” read a Facebook post from Animal Control.

However, when officers were dispatched to the residence they found a 4 to 5-year-old bald eagle that had crashed into the home’s back patio window and was sitting in the side yard. The bird had stunned himself and was recuperating when officers arrived, according to Animal Control.

“The eagle also appeared to be partially covered in baylands mud, so we could tell he was not having the best day,” the post continued.

The exterior pane of the window had been shattered by the impact from the bird, but the inside pane was intact. Thankfully, when officers examined the eagle, they didn’t notice any visible injuries. Rather than try and capture the eagle, officers decided to see if it could fly on its own.

One officer approached the eagle from one side of a gate, while another officer stood ready with a net. As officers approached, the eagle took off, first landing “majestically” on the backyard BBQ. As officers got closer, the eagle took off and “flew away into the distance.”

Animal Control officers surmised that the eagle was in pursuit of a smaller bird and flew too low for his own good.

“He was slightly worse for the wear, but not significantly injured, and hopefully will have some positive takeaways from this ordeal,” the post concluded.