(KRON) — Two thieves terrorized a mother and child during a carjacking in Piedmont before Bay Area law enforcement officers tracked the stolen car to Oakland, police said.

The carjacking happened at 9 a.m. Sunday on the 1200 block of Grand Avenue, police said. The mother had just put her child into the vehicle when she was confronted by two men who demanded her keys, purse, and cellphone.

Piedmont police wrote, “The suspects allowed the victim to remove the child from the vehicle and then fled in her 2018 black 4-door BMW. No one was injured in this incident.”

The Piedmont Police Department worked with BMW auto company representatives to trace the stolen car’s whereabouts.

“The vehicle was traced to several different locations in Oakland throughout the day. California Highway Patrol’s helicopter unit was brought in to assist officers in locating the vehicle and suspects,” PPD wrote.

Around 4 p.m. Sunday, a California Highway Patrol helicopter hovered over the stolen BMW on International Boulevard while Oakland police officers on the ground moved in to make arrests.

Five people were detained and one 19-year-old Rodeo man was arrested. The teenager was booked into Santa Rita Jail on suspicion of carjacking and possessing a stolen vehicle. The Piedmont Police Department did not release the Rodeo man’s name.