CONCORD, Calif. (KRON) — “A big guy with a big heart.”

That’s how those mourning the loss of Oscar Laredo describe the 37-year-old who was gunned down outside a bar in Pleasant Hill on Monday. Laredo’s colleagues in Concord are still in disbelief over the senseless killing.

On Wednesday, Laredo was being remembered outside the establishment in Pleasant Hill where he lost his life and inside Vinnie’s Bar and Grill in Concord, where he served patrons drinks the last three years.

It was his second home and patrons say he was everyone’s friend.

“He was cut down doing something for someone else, which would be in character for him — constantly,” said Vinnie’s patron Randy Street.

Laredo was shot to death early Monday morning outside Farrington’s Bar. Those familiar with what happened say he was trying to break up a fight. His partner was with him when was shot in the head.

Friends say the gunman, who left the scene in car before police arrived, is a frequent patron at both Farrington’s and Vinnie’s.

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“Oscar had the personality, too,” said Vinnie’s daytime chef, Demetrius Brown. “He could be like your head of your sales department, the head of your company, because he definitely — he was a people’s person. He’d come talk to you within five minutes, you know, he’s your new best friend.”

Brown worked with Laredo and says the loss is especially difficult for staff because his younger brother works here too. Owner Vincent Parker says Vinnie’s will be hosting fundraisers to help cover funeral costs Thursday and Saturday nights.

“He wanted you to succeed. If you tell him, ‘Man, I got a promotion at work,’ ‘alright, come on. We gonna go out and celebrate. Let’s go have a drink.’ That was just his personality, man,” said Brown. “He was such a great guy. It’s sad and we’re all gonna miss him.”

Parker says Laredo loved top shelf tequila and was attending business school — aspiring to own his own bar one day.