Pleasanton police increasing patrols during holiday season to deter crimes

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PLEASANTON (KRON) — Police in Pleasanton say since the jump start of the holiday season, property crimes are on the rise.

Auto burglaries and package thefts are the biggest issues.

That’s why police are bolstering the patrol force.

Even if you’re running inside your house for just a second, leaving your car window down is always a bad idea.

It doesn’t take long for you to become the victim of an auto burglary.

And you certainly don’t want to make it easier for the thieves and they are lurking around pleasanton during the holiday season.

Patrol Sergeant Steven Ayers says most property crimes are preventable.

“A lot of our crimes are crimes of opportunity,” he said. “Where the victims either fail to lock the door on their vehicle or leave valuable property in plain sight which gives the criminal the opportunity to smash the window and gain access to that property.”

Through the end of the year, the police department is increasing patrols at apartment complexes, residential neighborhoods, shopping centers and the mall.

Some will be in marked patrol cars, some unmarked.

There will be uniformed officers and others in plainclothes.

“We’re trying to make sure that all of our officers who are on special assignment are available to be on patrol to try to reduce the amount of crime as much as possible,” Ayers said.

You can help out by taking precautions with package deliveries.

 It’s best what’s delivered not be left in plain sight too long.

Surveillance systems are helpful in solving crimes, but you can do more to stop them from ever happening.

“If you know that there’s gonna be a time when you’re not going to be home, try and schedule the package delivery for a different time, so that you can have somebody there to receive the package,” Ayers said.

Should you see someone or something out of place, it’s okay to call police.

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