RICHMOND, Calif. (KRON) – Police in Richmond are searching for the suspect involved in a fatal hit-and-run that killed a 4-year-old child on Friday.

Around 5 p.m. authorities say 4-year-old Hector was walking with his parents near the 2200 block of Coalinga Avenue.

4-year-old Hector (Richmond Police Department)

That is when an SUV struck the child and fled the scene.

“The father was out the car with his son right when it happened, and he ran over immediately,” CJ Evans said. “And I think the mother was outside the house at the time when it happened and she came out screaming and crying and hysterical.”

Officials say the child, who was in critical condition, was life-flighted to a local hospital.

According to authorities, the child was pronounced dead later that night around 11:50 p.m.

The Richmond Police Department shared surveillance images of the SUV involved in the collision.

Lt. Matt Stonebraker said it’s a 1999-2003 two-door metallic blue Ford Explorer.

“The vehicle does have custom wheels and has a white bumper sticker on the rear window and it even could be below the rear window,” Stonebraker said.

Evans said Hector was carrying popsicles, helping his family unload groceries from a car parked on the street when he was hit.

“I saw the kid laying there and he had a cut on his forehead and down to his skull,” he said.

He passed away at a hospital nearly seven hours after being life-flighted out of his neighborhood.

Evans and other witnesses said the driver was speeding when he collided with Hector — a common problem along this road.

Police say the vehicle should have minor damage in the front.

The car was last seen driving westbound down Coalinga Avenue from 22nd Street.

You are asked to contact the Richmond Police Department at (510) 233-1214 if you have any information.

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