(KRON) — A Menlo-Atherton High School student became so upset over his toy water gun being taken away that he pushed a school administrator, spit, and used derogatory homophobic slurs, police said.

Now the student is facing potential criminal charges, including committing a hate crime, threatening a school official, battery on a school official, and assault.

The incident began just before 3:20 p.m. Friday inside Menlo-Atherton High School’s office.

According to the Atherton Police Department, “The student had a water gun taken away from him earlier in the week and was in the school office demanding the water gun be returned.  The student then physically assaulted a school administrator by pushing them into a cubicle wall, tried to push the administrator’s glasses off their face, spit on them, and called them derogatory homophobic slurs.”

Emergency dispatchers received several 911 calls from the school reporting the student’s violent reaction over not getting his toy back.  

Before police arrived, the student left the high school office, walked off campus, and went to a bus stop on Middlefield Road.  

When officers arrived at the bus stop, they found the student in a crowd of people. Rather than cooperate with officers’ directives that he was being detained, the student refused to comply, according to police.

An officer tried to grab the student’s arm to prevent him from leaving but was only able to grab the front of his shirt.

APD wrote, “The student continued to pull away from the officer’s hold on his shirt and fell to the ground.  Once on the ground, officers rolled the student onto his stomach and placed him into handcuffs.  Officers used the least amount of force to detain the student.”

Videos of the student being detained circulated on social media. In one video, the student is pinned to the ground and yells, “Get off me!”

Principal Karl Losekoot acknowledged, “You cannot watch the video from the police interaction and say it is not troubling. It is. Unfortunately, on social media, many misconceptions and inaccurate assumptions are being made. ”

The student was later transported to the Atherton Police Department and was released to a guardian.

The Juvenile District Attorney’s Office is reviewing this case for filing charges against the student.

Actions of the arresting officers are also being reviewed by APD. “This incident is being reviewed to ensure the involved officers’ actions were lawful and in compliance with police department policy and procedures,” the Atherton Police Department wrote.