SUNNYVALE (KRON) – A caravan of over 100 cars descended on Sunnyvale for a sideshow Saturday, according to a Facebook post from the city’s department of public safety — and police are vowing to find the drivers.

“You can take off, but we’ll still have your info and come find you,” the post reads, warning that “It’s common for sideshow participants to evade police and take off. That’s what 30-day seizure warrants for evading/sideshow vehicles are for.”

The cost of recovering an impounded car is $3,047, the department warns.

“It’s common for sideshow participants to evade police and take off,” the post states. “We will utilize every enforcement option necessary to prevent these shows from occurring and endangering lives.”

Sunnyvale was one of several locations chosen for sideshows on Saturday, the post states.

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“The caravan of cars and spectators, over 100, entered Sunnyvale and began to perform dangerous and possibly deadly sideshow activity at North Fair Oaks Avenue and Ahwanee Avenue,” the post reads. “Sunnyvale officers immediately responded to the scene to break up the activity and were met with an unruly crowd and spectators throwing objects at them. The sideshow was quickly broken up, one arrest was made and one car was towed. The roadway at the intersection was damaged by excessive tire markings.”

KRON4 reported Sunday that multiple sideshows took place in San Jose alone Saturday.

One of these, at Santa Teresa Boulevard, blocked the exit off of State Route 87.