Police dig up Los Gatos parking lot as part of cold case investigation

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LOS GATOS, Calif. (KRON) – It’s the talk of the town in Los Gatos.

Why are police digging up the pavement in a parking lot along Santa Cruz Avenue? Why are San Jose investigators leading the charge? What exactly are they looking for?

About all we know for sure is that for two days now, police have been excavating a site in this parking lot as part of a cold case investigation.

Whatever is happening on Victory Lane in Los Gatos is attracting a lot of attention from passers-by like Devra Johnson.

“Well I was shopping down here and I thought I’d check out since I heard something was going on,” Johnson said.

Late night and early morning video shows where San Jose Police have been digging up the pavement as part of a cold case investigation.  

That has led to a good deal of speculation about what they could be looking for.

“My buddy said his sister told him about it and something bout’ a cold case murder, something, maybe there’s a body buried back there,” Scott Wilson said.

“I just remember all this was all messed up during the earthquake so it was maybe an opportunity for somebody to do something,” Steve Espinoza said.

Police offered no details, citing the need to protect the integrity of an “active investigation.”  

The work is happening behind the Gardino Restaurant and Los Gatos Theater, which is a bit unnerving says nearby salon owner Megan Kunis.

“I mean I’m nervous for business, that could be a problem if there’s a body that was found next door, something,” Kunis said.

Lending credence to the possibility police are looking for a body was a brief visit by a search dog.  

There has been some grumbling about the disruption to traffic.  

The owner of Gardino’s declined to be interviewed but said he is open for business.

Passers-by could not recollect a cold case where someone remains unaccounted for.

“I knew it was a cold case investigation but I didn’t know how far it went back, um but I just looked at an article recently, just a little while ago and it said it’s probably going back to the ’80s,” Michelle Gruye said.

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