FREMONT (KRON) – Fremont police were “actively engaged” with a person refusing to leave a burning building, according to a tweet midday Friday. A fire broke out at the Winema Common apartment complex around 9 a.m. Friday.

The subject who refused to leave prompted authorities to barricade of the area. As of 6 p.m., the situation has been resolved.

After brief struggle with police, the unidentified subject had an emergency medical issue, police said. The subject was then taken to a hospital for treatment. Police did not give an update on the condition of the subject.

Police were asked people to avoid the areas of East Warren Avenue, Mohave Drive and Mission Boulevard. Police and firefighters were inside the residence when they heard the man say he has a gun and subsequently left, police told KRON4.

Fremont police also said that the man inside the building is believed to be by himself, that negotiators are trying to make contact with him but have only heard yelling back, and that the fire is ongoing.

The incident remains under investigation.