OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) — The Oakland Police Department (OPD) announced on social media an arrest was made Tuesday in connection to a shooting on Aug. 18 in East Oakland. On the day of the shooting, police said the shooter drove away in a “very distinct” vehicle.

Before the arrest was made that day, officers found the car unoccupied and proceeded to conduct surveillance. An individual was then seen entering the vehicle and took the person safely into custody for their involvement in the East Oakland shooting, police said.

Officers then searched the vehicle and found a number of firearms and narcotics. Specifically, a photo posted by OPD shows they recovered an AK-47 rifle, handguns, and bags filled with what appears to be marijuana and fentanyl pills.

The photo also shows a set of car keys were seized, along with an unknown amount of cash.

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The individual arrested was not identified. No other information on the arrestee was provided.