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Police report burglary spike in San Francisco during pandemic

Bay Area

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) – A troubling trend in crime for San Francisco. Police are reporting a major increase in burglaries.

Investigators tell KRON4 there’s growing concern these break-ins are taking place while people are at home.

Burglars are targeting homes and businesses throughout the city of San Francisco.

“Year to date, we have seen almost a 40% increase citywide,” Officer Robert Rueca said.

A map shows the locations of nearly a dozen recent hot prowl burglaries. 

Hot prowl means the break-ins occurred while the residents were home which raises additional concerns for police because more folks are home these days due to the pandemic.

“As we have gone into the shelter-in-place and more people have been staying home we have experienced this increase in burglaries. It is disconcerting because most people should be home. most people are home,” Rueca said.

In fact, in two cases the occupants came face to face with the burglars. 

No reports of any injuries. 

Investigators have also discovered another trend connected to these break-ins involving burglars gaining access to the homes by committing another crime

“We are seeing a spike in cars being broken into and having the remote control to people’s garages being taken and that be one of the methods used to enter these homes,” Rueca said.

SFPD investigators say they are studying these trends and coordinating their response.

“We’re trying to keep a pulse on the trends that we are seeing. Our officers being in uniform as well as plain clothes, are out trying to frequent those areas that we believe may be targeted,” Rueca said.

Bicycles, laptops and jewelry are among the common items taken. 

Police say this time they have limited information on any burglary suspects and no information about any particular group being responsible.

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