SAN JOSE, Calif. (KRON) — A man suffering from an overdose of fentanyl is alive Wednesday. Thanks to a South Bay Chief of Police and his assistant being nearby when after the overdose occurred.

“This can be the difference between life or death,” said Officer Steven Aponte who is a spokesperson for the San Jose Police Department.

In fact, these still photos show that it was the difference Monday afternoon for a man suffering from a drug overdose while he was seated in the passenger seat of a vehicle in the parking lot of the San Jose Market Center.

That is where San Jose Police Chief Anthony Mata and Assistant Chief of Police Paul Joseph just finished having lunch when they were approached by a woman in need of help. Joseph picks it up from there.

“We walked over, and we saw the passenger in that car was a gentleman that appeared to be in some sort of medical distress,” Joseph said.

That is when Joseph and Mata called dispatch to send a patrol officer to the scene.

“I am very grateful that are units equipped with NARCAN were able to respond as quickly as they did,” Joseph said. The woman in the car, the driver, did hand a substance over to the police officers that we believe was fentanyl”

“I can tell you five years ago, historically the city of San Jose and the Bay Area at-large, didn’t have the same mount fentanyl incidents as we do today,” Aponte said.

San Jose police patrol officers added the opioid reversal agent NARCAN to their daily equipment two years ago in response to the surge in fentanyl use in the Bay Area.

“The deadliest and most common issue that we see today is the usage of fentanyl,” Aponte said.

It actually took to doses of NARCAN to revive the overdose victim. There were no arrests made in connection to this incident.

San Jose police say the drugs confiscated at the scene were booked into evidence, and that they will forward a report to the Santa Clara District Attorney’s office for review.

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“From our perspective this is a medical issue. All we want to do is make sure that this man doesn’t die in front of us, and we get him help,” Joseph said.