PLEASANTON (KRON) – Residents of Pleasanton are concerned about home invasions.

According to police, the city has had 35 home break-ins so far this year. The thieves usually enter the homes from a back door and with the same items in mind.

Thankfully, nobody has been hurt in any of the 35 break-ins. In one instance, a homeowner’s security system was activated, causing the suspects to flee. Their cameras show police what they’re dealing with.

In the video, one can see the two suspects enter from the back gate, slowly and with intent. According to the city’s Crime Prevention Officer, Ryan Tujague, the thieves are looking for specific items to steal.

“They smash the back slider and immediately go to the master bedroom because it is common in almost every household that if I would like to get the jewelry, I’m going to go directly into the master bedroom,” Tujague said. Thieves also look for purses, and go through closets, looking for safes.

With 35 home break-ins and counting this year in the city of Pleasanton, Tujague wants residents to be aware and take action.

During this break in, the homeowner’s security system was set off scaring the bad guys away.

“The individual that this happened to had implanted a security motion light, which is huge and it deterred this crime from occurring,” Tujague said. “Simply adding lighting: that’s one step and many steps you can do.”

Police are still working to track down the suspects caught on camera. Pausing the video can give a viewer a good look at both suspects.

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Until an arrest is made, Tujague is offering a property evaluation to Pleasanton residents and is recommending people take advantage of crime prevention services in their communities.

“Reach out to your police department and ask for their crime prevention specialist, crime prevention officer to come out and do a CPTED, or safety evaluation, on your property,” Tujague said.

Most of the 35 break ins in Pleasanton happened when the residents were not home. Tujague said the suspects usually target the homes from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays.