Police arrested a staff member at American Canyon middle school Wednesday after he was allegedly caught on camera inappropriately touching a student.

According to the American Canyon Police Department, school staff had been reviewing surveillance video to determine the cause of recent fire alarm evacuations when they discovered footage of 46-year-old Louis Gonzalez touching a student in the gym. 

The video footage was from April 2018. 

Staff immediately contacted police who responded to the school along with detectives from the Napa County Sheriff’s Office.

Gonzalez was arrested and booked into Napa County Jail on charges including lewd and lascivious acts on a child, the use of force to commit lewd and lascivious acts on a child, and false imprisonment. 

Authorities are looking into Gonzalez’s role at the campus and other students he had access to. 

The Napa Valley School District issued the following statement: 

We are extremely concerned about this situation and our first thoughts are for the safety and health of the student involved. We will work diligently with the family to provide support. We appreciate the swift and decisive action of the ACPD. As law enforcement conducts their investigation, we have also started an internal investigation, to determine the employee’s work history in an attempt to identify any other potential victims. Our focus will remain on our students. We encourage students and families to cooperate with law enforcement, with a mutual goal of support and healing where needed, and justice, where appropriate. The employee in question works as an aide to students with special needs and is, as required by law, on administrative leave until further progress on the investigation leads to a change in that status.