OAKLAND (KRON) – It’s an ongoing problem that Oakland police officers keep tackling.

Overnight, officers had several dozen cars towed after the drivers participated in illegal sideshow activity. No specifics were given about the incident but officers say that violent, disruptive, and illegal behavior will not be tolerated. Also last night, there was a shooting at a sideshow in Santa Rosa that left a 22-year-old man in critical condition.

They say sideshows are reckless and unsafe. They normally lead to vandalism, property damage, physical assaults, gun fires and injuries. About three weeks ago, officers arrested one person after they say the person punched the officer in the face during a sideshow.

“Illegal Sideshow activity across the Bay Area had Oakland Police Department (OPD) Officers working into the early morning hours on Friday. OPD Helicopter (ARGUS) was overhead when hundreds of vehicles drove along Interstate 580 Thursday night. Once the caravan arrived in Oakland, there were upwards of 350 vehicles,” said Oakland PD in a statement.

After unsuccessfully trying to take over intersections along Telegraph Avenue, the group relocated to near the intersection of 20th Street and Broadway, according to police. There some of the crowd hurled fireworks at Oakland PD officers.

From there, sideshow participants drove to the intersection of 29th Avenue and International Boulevard, where they took over the intersection. Officers were able to contain their participants and towed their vehicles a short time later.

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In March one man died following a sideshow that involved 600 cars. Police say each weekend officers are deterring illegal sideshows. Even after it has ended they continue with their criminal investigation.

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Officers will follow up on the people who were at the scene. They say they will go to their homes and tow the vehicles that take part in the illegal activity.

With the weekend approaching, officers will once again be shutting down any illegal sideshows they see.

“This weekend, officers dedicated to illegal sideshow activity will be accompanied by our regional law enforcement partners to deter and take enforcement action,” said police in a statement. “Violent, disruptive, and illegal behavior will not be tolerated by the City of Oakland. Our investigators will be working to identify those responsible for committing crimes and participating in illegal sideshow activity.”