SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) – Almost two-thirds of San Francisco registered Democrats favor recalling District Attorney Chesa Boudin, according to a new poll released by one of the two pro-recall campaigns.

Opponents of the recall effort have focused on the fact that William Oberndorf, a Republican mega-donor, gave $600,000 to a political action committee behind both the Boudin recall effort and the successful school recall effort last month. 

The proponents’ poll shows that nonetheless the recall campaign has made major headway among Democrats, with 64% saying they will vote to recall Boudin on June 7. Sixty-eight percent of San Francisco voters as a whole said the same.

“The District Attorney’s Office is in chaos under Chesa Boudin’s watch,” stated Brooke Jenkins, former San Francisco assistant district attorney and volunteer spokesperson for Safer SF Without Boudin. “The turnover and lack of experience, coupled with Boudin’s unilateral decisions to hand down lenient sentences or not press charges, and to release violent criminals early is putting San Franciscan’s at grave risk. Communities across our city feel unsafe.”

The San Francisco Democratic Party central committee decided to oppose the recall in a vote last month.

The results come with a margin of error of 4.4 percentage points, and they come from a mixed-phone, email and text survey of 800 registered voters from February 17 to 21. The survey was in both English and Chinese. It was conducted by EMC Research.

A spokesperson for Boudin told KRON4 that “The recall committee has no credibility and has consistently lied to voters throughout this campaign. Even today, they fail to mention that this survey includes extensive negative attacks targeting Chesa Boudin and intended to skew the results. It’s inaccurate and not consistent with other surveys in this race.”

“Our campaign has been feeling real momentum from every day San Franciscans and community leaders who strongly oppose a dishonest recall, funded by Republican donors and intended to divide San Francisco,” the spokesperson continued. 

The spokesperson said that last month pollster David Binder asked 500 likely voters in San Francisco’s 17th Assembly District (concentrated on the eastside, as the westside is in the slightly more conservative 19th Assembly District) if they support the recall. The result was that 44% favored the recall, 44% opposed, and 12% were undecided.

EMC Research assured KRON4 that the survey results are accurate and was not influenced by messaging.

“The poll is unbiased and the topline results of 68% voters supporting the recall of DA Boudin was asked how it will appear on the June ballot,” CEO and President Ruth Bernstein stated. “The recall question appeared early in the survey and was not influenced by any messaging. Any assertion that the validity of this poll is inaccurate is wrong and we stand firmly behind the results.”

Mary Jung, the chair of Safer SF Without Boudin, stated that the poll speaks for itself.

“Chesa and his team can only resort to ad hominem attacks and inaccurate characterizations of the poll because the reality that over two-thirds of voters want him out of office is starting to settle in,” Jung stated. “Their campaign is grasping at straws because they are desperately throwing anything at the wall hoping that it will stick. But as the poll shows, voters have made up their minds about Chesa and they don’t like what they see.”