BRENTWOOD, Calif. (KRON) – Ash in the air, dark skies and poor air quality affecting business in the East Bay.

A few business owners in Brentwood are learning to be flexible this year in order to stay open.

Downtown Brentwood is very quiet, but businesses are open and they want your support.

“I lived in California all my life. I don’t ever remember a lightning storm, just saying! So things are happening this year I’ve never experienced,” Randi Moser, at Alluv Place, said. 

Businesses across the Bay Area taking hit after hit.

“It’s hard it’s every day every day you have to wake up and decide that we are going to make the best of this,” Vicky Little, at Sip and Scoop California, said. 

“This is the year of pivot, ok so coronavirus pivot, ok so massive wildfires pivot, ok so what’s next,” Karen Berg, at Alluv Place, said. 

Between coronavirus, wildfires, heat waves and now, poor air quality and ash covering storefronts and restaurants.

“A lot of people may not come out because there is ash literally falling in their food,” Little said. 

Vicky Little runs Sip and Scoop California in Brentwood, even though she’s open, she had to close her doors today to keep the ash from coming inside and fears business will be slow since no one wants to sit outdoors.

“You just kind of roll with the punches but it feels like it’s been punch after punch after punch after punch,” Little said. 

Down the street at Alluv Place, the owners of the small retail shop say they have learned to be flexible in 2020.

“Almost like ok what next what next, I don’t know if anything is surprising us that’s why we have to stay so strong. When frogs start raining from the sky then we get worried,” Moser and Berg said. 

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