OAKLAND (KRON) – A pre-dawn raid in multiple Bay Area cities has led to arrests linked to the Bay Area Rolex watch robbery spree, according to a press release midday Thursday.

Oakland police executed multiple search warrants early Tuesday in Oakland and neighboring cities, the press release states.

These are the two firearms recovered by Oakland police Aug. 16. (Photos courtesy of the Oakland Police Dept.)

“OPD officers arrested two individuals and recovered two firearms with extended magazines, and a Rolex watch in connection with the crimes,” the press release continues. “Although officers were able to make arrests, these types of robberies are still happening throughout the Bay Area. The department remains vigilant of the numerous incidents occurring in Oakland and urges you to be aware of your surroundings at all times.”

The arrests are a result of the collaborative effort of OPD’s tactical team, the violent crime operations center (VCOC), ceasefire, and the Fairfield Police Department, the press release states.

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OPD urges citizens to not resist robbers, “as property can be replaced,” but to be “a good witness and pay attention to the description of the individual or vehicle.” The department states that “in most cases, the armed individual(s) approach and forcibly remove the watch from the victim’s wrist.”

Anyone with further information is asked to contact the criminal investigation division at 510-238-3426.