STANFORD, Calif. (KRON) – Stanford has announced they will stagger students return to campus to allow for physical distancing.  

With freshmen and sophomores allowed back on campus in the fall and summer quarters and juniors and seniors returning in the winter and spring, but they still expect the vast majority of classes to be online.

At UC Berkeley, the fall semester starts August 26 for all students. 

They are offering what they are calling a hybrid plan.

The majority of larger courses will be remote and they will also offer smaller in person classes of 25 or fewer people, an option only for students who feel comfortable with that.

“We are planning to go fully remote after Thanksgiving after Thanksgiving break students will go home they’ll take their final exams will go home just so we can avoid the issue of travel and possibly contracting the disease and bring it back to the community,”

This San Francisco resident who plans to return to the University of British Columbia in Vancouver for the fall semester even though he expects all of his classes to be remote.

“In general across a lot of students there’s a feeling a lack of engagement when everything is online because you’re at home the whole time there’s no walking around there’s no constantly moving between classes. You’re in front of a computer you can do whatever you want and naturally that leads to a lack of engagement.”

Lynn Mahoney, the president of SF State, expects students at her university to see an improvement in their remote learning, which is what is happening in more than 98% of their classes.

“We’ve put in thanks to federal stimulus dollars $3 million into a faculty development Last I checked we had over 1000 teachers faculty members who signed up to do a faculty development program this summer to be even better at remote teaching,” 

Mahoney says it won’t be perfect, nor will it replace the traditional campus experience but she believes it will be better now that they’ve had more time to prepare.

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