SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) – Looking to make a move? Does Tulsa, Oklahoma sound appealing? 

For many Bay Area residents, it’s apparently the ideal place to work from home and they’re getting $10,000 to pack their bags.

KRON4’s Dan Thorn spoke with one of hundreds of people leaving the Golden State for the Sooner State.

This program is called “Tulsa Remote” which through a foundation gives people $10,000 to live in the city and then work remotely.

Considering the high costs of living in the Bay Area and with so many already working from home because of the coronavirus pandemic, many are thinking “why not?”

$10,000 and a new life in Oklahoma — Is that enough to get you to leave the Bay Area? 

For hundreds of stay at home workers, it’s apparently the right price and the right place.

“I am just excited for this opportunity and excited to try something new,” Jaleesa Garland said. 

Bay Area native Jaleesa Garland is moving to Tulsa in less than two weeks.

She says the Bay Area’s high cost of living and a recent decision by her San Francisco based employer to make remote working permanent are leading her to take the money and take on a new adventure. 

“I love it here but it’s just not affordable anymore,” Garland said. 

The program is called “Tulsa Remote,” and it’s being done through the George Kaiser Family Foundation as a way to attract remote workers to Tulsa. 

Many of the recent applications have come from California. 

One major selling point is the cost of living. According to the Tulsa Remote website, Tulsa is half as much to live in than San Francisco.

The city’s median home price is also 43% lower than the national average. 

Garland is looking forward to moving to her new more affordable place but loves being able to stay with her company.

“I’m mostly looking forward to it more than being afraid. I’m looking forward to being able to live alone and just really improve my quality of life,” Garland said.  

The program is not open to everyone — Applicants do have to be remote workers. The money is not given out in a lump sum and you have to be able to move to Tulsa within six months.

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