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Prop 6, California's new gas tax hike, isn't going anywhere

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) - California's new gas tax hike which finds road and transportation projects isn't going anywhere. 

Voters shot down a measure to repeal the gas hike with 55-percent of voters opposed to measure 6 and 45-percent in favor. 

Prop 6 took aim at a $5 billion annual funding stream to pave potholed highways and repair crumbling bridges and improve transportation among other things. 

The money comes from a 12-cents-per-gallon tax, a 20-cents-per gallon diesel fuel tax, a $25 to $175 vehicle registration fee, and a $100 clean-air vehicle fee that the legislature enacted last year as SB-1, all of which would have ended if voters had approved Prop 6. 

Opponents say the proposition, if passed, would have been devastating. 

6,500 projects that are already underway were at risk of being delayed or even de-funded if Prop 6 had passed. 



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