SAN JOSE, Calif. (KRON) – There was a heated debate at Tuesday’s city council meeting in San Jose over housing. The city is looking for sites to build emergency interim housing for the homeless, but certain locations are getting strong pushback from multiple homeowners.

“This is an extremely unaffordable city, and we must support everyone in it, not just people who own $2.5 million dollar homes,” said one of the city council meeting attendees.

For hours on Tuesday, multiple people used their two minutes of allotted time to voice their support or disagreement on where the city should house the unhoused. San Jose city leaders are considering using VTA-owned sites to build tiny homes.

The first proposed site is behind the Cerone VTA yard in North San Jose. The second site is a parking lot at Cottle Road and Highway 85.

The council did not decide Tuesday on if the sites will be used. If approved, the city would have more than 900 tiny homes under construction for emergency housing.

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“When you provide people with housing, it provides stability,” Deputy City Manager Omar Passons said in the meeting Tuesday.