VALLEJO, Calif. (KRON) — Hundreds of protesters have flooded the streets of Vallejo Saturday afternoon, demanding answers following the death of Sean Monterrosa.

Monterrosa, 22, was on his knees when a Vallejo police officer shot him through the windshield of his police cruiser during the early hours of Tuesday, June 2.

The Vallejo police chief later said his officer shot Monterrosa after mistaking a gun for a hammer that was in Monterrosa’s pocket.

Eleven days later, people around the Bay Area continue to seek justice.

As video shows a barricade separating protesters from police, protesters chanted things at officers.

“Why are you in riot gear?” can be heard in a video.

The Vallejo Police Officers’ Association released a statement to Facebook after Saturday’s protest.

“It should be concerning to people that small children are brought to protests with open air marijuana smoking, foul vile language, screaming angry mob mentality and profound anger directed at the police. How to have a civil discussion is what adults should be teaching children.”

Vallejo Police Officers’ Association via Facebook

Many were not pleased with the statement.

““Profound anger directed at the police” really?? I think you misspelled “justified.” Protests are a perfectly safe environment for children as long as cops stop attacking people,” one woman wrote.

“It should be concerning that your cops are violent and need to be held accountable, but you’re literally blaming children…?” another person wrote in a comment.

“Did the Vallejo Police Officers’ Association just say that chidlren shouldn’t be shown how to practice their first amendment rights?”

On June 2, Vallejo police officers responded to a Walgreens parking lot after receiving calls for a possible looting taking place at the pharmacy.

When they arrived — two cars took off, one of the vehicles striking a police cruiser.

But Monterrosa was not in one of those cars.

The officer who shot Monterrosa is now on paid administrative leave.

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