OAKLAND (KRON) – The Oakland Unified School District board meeting was hijacked Wednesday night by parents, teachers, students and community members.

Large organized groups including the, “Oakland Education Association” and “Blacks Organizing Project” and community members, demanded an end to school closures and urged that police officers be taken out of Oakland schools.

As the board began to go through its agenda, they were silenced.

Community members took over the microphone and started speaking out about their frustrations and concerns.

Things became loud, passionate and disorganized. Students in the seats where Oakland Unified School District board members usually sit.

At its meeting on Wednesday, students, parents and teachers put their backs to board members taking over the meeting.

This comes after groups showed up to voice their concerns about the merging and closing of schools in the district and police officers in the schools.

The school district says it will e reexamining the roll of the school Police Department in the district, adding that their design plan has closed one school so far.

“Through those two years weve only had one closure. weve also had 3 expansions, one redesign and 8 schools combined into four,” explains one Oakland Unified representative.

Parents’ anger also stem from the school boards last meeting, where police were called in. Chaos ensued as people got pushed around. One parent came back on Wednesday, saying he was injured.

“Thank you for sending the cops to throw me on the ground and smash my knee to tear my ACL, MCL meniscus and bone, to have me have surgery, to have our attorney here tonight who’s suing you,” explains one angered parent.