(KRON) — While the Oakland A’s continue to propose a potential stadium in Las Vegas, the Port of Oakland will need to decide if they’ll keep negotiations open with the team regarding Howard Terminal.

The Board of Port Commissioners in Oakland did not take any action regarding Howard Terminal, but they did allow for public comment. Community leaders and residents with some very strong opinions about the A’s.

For 46 minutes, the Port of Oakland board heard from the public Thursday, giving each person one minute to speak either by phone, Zoom or in person.

Nick Danoff is a co-founder of the Howard Terminal Water-Front Coalition.

“We want to express our continued support for the A’s, the port and the city of Oakland coming to a deal on a stadium development at Howard Terminal,” Danoff said.

The exclusive negotiating agreement between the Port and the A’s ends at midnight on Friday. The A’s have proposed building a new baseball stadium on the current site of the Tropicana Las Vegas Casino Resort.

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Danoff says the A’s need to come back to the negotiating table in Oakland, urging the Port to help give them a reason.

“To proactively identify efficiencies that could shorten the expected timeline to build at Howard Terminal,” Danoff said. “This would negate the main talking point that the A’s have been using to criticize the site.”

The A’s and the city had been negotiating since 2018 to build on Howard Terminal. Most of the public comments Thursday expressed frustrations with the baseball’s team decision to end talks.

President of the Port Worker’s Union, Melvin MacCay, says Howard Terminal should be for Maritime use only.

Melvin MacCay, Union President

“The A’s have been playing cat and mouse with us for four years,” MacCay said. “We knew from the beginning that this was a shot in the dark. I think it’s time for us to put up, or shut up. The A’s are gone.”

Howard Terminal is currently used as a parking lot, and the Port of Oakland has authorized it to be used for other purposes, such as a baseball stadium.

Some want it to be the home of the A’s.

“The upside of building at Howard Terminal is far superior to the options you’ve been looking at in Vegas,” Danoff said.

While others want to move on from the team.

“They have disrupted Oakland immensely. They have disrupted the workforce immensely. They have disrupted the shipping industry immensely,” MacCay said.

The A’s new proposed site in Las Vegas would be a 35,000-seat retractable roof stadium with a 15,000-room hotel. It also requires $400 million in public funding