OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) — A comment that was described as “hateful” and “racist” was found on the bathroom wall of an Oakland elementary school, according to a letter written to families that was obtained by KRON4. The incident happened at Thornhill Elementary School, located at 5880 Thornhill Drive.

“I write today because all of us are deeply concerned that someone in our community would write hateful/racist comments anywhere, especially here at school,” Principal Steven Daubenspeck wrote.

A parent at the school told KRON4 that the phrase written was, “Black lives do not matter, kill them all.” Oakland Unified School District has not officially confirmed that those were the words.

Daubenspeck said students were “very clear about the harm this has done.” He has met with teachers to discuss the school’s next steps.

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“Our goal today is to begin the conversation and start to repair the harm that has been done,” he said.

A parent told KRON4 that there will be a parent-led rally at the school on Friday morning.