Racist posters pop up in Saratoga


Neighbors in the Saratoga are dismayed after someone put up racist posters downtown.

The posters appeared along Big Basin Way. 

They have since been taken down, but no one knows who is responsible.

Big Basin Way is a meticulously manicured street, and when these posters appeared, a lot of people were upset.

Earlier this week, someone put these posters up throughout downtown Saratoga. They encouraged people to report illegal immigrants by calling the phone number for Immigrations and Custom Enforcement, or ICE.

There’s also the web address of a Texas-based white supremacist group.

In a statement Thursday, Saratoga’s mayor said, “these posters do not represent what the City of Saratoga stands for.”  

The posters were taken down quickly.

On Thursday, neighbors expressed outrage that alt-right propaganda would be posted in their community.  

“Well, my visceral reaction is that its disgusting and saddens me,” Dr. Greg Sancier said.

Dr. Sancier says he’s dismayed that someone would be so bold as to post blatant racism there.

“That in this community that is so diverse, and of varying backgrounds and cultural backgrounds of every type you can think of, that someone would be that racist to distribute that type of literature,” Dr. Sancier said.

He also doesn’t recall anything like this happening here before.

“I’m unaware of anything like this previously,” Dr. Sancier said. “Certainly in other parts of the country, but not in this community.”

The mayor says that “there are no specific steps being taken to prevent this from occurring again,” but she adds that “public works will be going around to make sure this is prevented.”

So far, the person who posted the posters has not been identified.



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