Racist stickers found around downtown San Mateo

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SAN MATEO, Calif. (KRON) — Racist stickers were found in a busy downtown district in San Mateo.

On Sunday, the community took action to remove them.

It wasn’t the first time the stickers have popped up in San Mateo. The stickers were first spotted last summer in Central Park.

Alberta Zagorov was walking with her family in the alley way near Ben Franklin Court Saturday when she found racially motivated stickers.

“It just had hateful speech, specifically towards one group, Latino people,” Zagorov said. “They were angry at the fact that there was graffiti downtown which I think is a little silly.”

KRON4 blurred the words because the language was too vulgar to share.

The stickers were placed in areas with graffiti.

Zagorov found another on Sunday and took it down immediately.

Zagorov first found the stickers last summer in downtown San Mateo and on a park bench in Central Park.

She reported both sightings to San Mateo police.

“They said there’s not much they can do because it’s hard legally to find someone and get it done and they just pointed me to an app they have so that you can report instances of vandalism or anything,” Zagorov said.

The hope is to bring awareness.

“It is the only thing that can be done,” Zagorov said. “Especially since they can’t do anything else so it would be nice if other people can look out for it and just take it down because I think just the worst thing was it was in the park in a public space and there are kids and families there and people can read it.”

Zagorov left this message for the vandals:

“People with their silly stickers, they think they’re accomplishing something but I know that we as a community can come together and make sure people know that this is not welcome in San Mateo,” Zagorov said. “These are not O.K. things to do.”

Zagorov was told by a San Mateo police sergeant that park rangers will keep an eye out for the stickers at Central Park.

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