SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) – While some businesses inundated with flooding from the weekend storms are starting to reopen, others are still cleaning up, and still, others remain closed with no reopening date in sight.

When MX3 fitness owner Dave Karraker walked into his Castro gym during Saturday’s storm, what started as a small trickle of water turned into water gushing from inside the wall.

“This entire wall was just filled with water behind this wall,” he told KRON4. “So all of these holes started just gushing water. We probably cleared out 1,000 gallons of water.”

The source of the leak remains unclear, but the suspicion that is an overflowing parking lot’s drainage pipe between the gym and the building next door ruptured. Until the cause is identified and repaired, the gym’s weights will stay on the rack and this San Francisco small business will remain closed, at one of the most critical times of the year… the New Year.

“New year’s resolutions. You can’t underestimate how big that is for a fitness business, particularly small neighborhood fitness business,” Karraker said. “We really rely on those first two months of the year to make a big chunk of money that supports us throughout the entire year.”

The wall has now been taken down and with another huge storm due to arrive Wednesday. Repair crews plan to plug the hole, set up a trough along the wall to collect the water, and then pump it out into the street. It’s clearly not how this business planned to start the year.

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“We’re a fitness business that really kicked in the teeth during the pandemic because we were sheltered in place and nobody could get in the gym to start with,” Karraker said. “And now we’re here getting ready for new year’s resolutions, which everybody wants to get fit and lose weight and now our gym is closed.”

It’s unclear how long this business will remain closed. Right now they are redirecting members to their sister facility in the Mission.