SAN JOSE, Calif. (KRON) – The rain is just starting to fall in the Bay Area. Strong winds and heavy rainfall are expected in the next few hours — which is especially concerning for those with out a place to stay tonight. 

Today the homeless advocacy group Unhoused Response notified people at Columbus Park that the rain was coming. They went around town, passing out tarps, sleeping bags, and tents to help people get prepared for the downpour. 

“RVs are leaky, tents are leaky, tents are broken, so people are just trying to dry out and sort out after the last storm, and here it comes again,” Shaunnn Cartwright of Unhoused Response said.

San Jose has opened two overnight warming locations, which opened at 8 p.m. and will stay open till 7 a.m. They are the Roosevelt Community Center at 901 E. Santa Clara Street and the West Valley Branch Library on San Tomas Aquino road.

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The 22 or 23 VTA bus lines can get to the Roosevelt Community Center and the 25 and 57 bus lines can get to the library.