Rainy weather makes for messy driving conditions on East Bay freeways

Bay Area

CONTRA COSTA COUNTY (KRON) — Rainy weather conditions were partly to blame for several crashes in the East Bay, including a jackknifed big rig on Highway 242 in Concord and multi-vehicle collisions on west and eastbound Highway 24 in Orinda. 

The rainy conditions and the wet roads combined to make a busy day on Bay Area freeways for the California Highway Patrol.

“Man! There’s lots of spin-outs due to speed. Doesn’t mean you’re doing a hundred. It just means you’re going too fast for the conditions. So we’re responding mostly today to collisions. People stuck on the side of the road,” said CHP Officer Brandon Corriea. 

He says when the rain is coming down like this, it’s good to remember some basic safety tips when getting behind the wheel

“Number one, slow down. It is a real easy one. Speed is the number one for collisions especially in bad weather. Give yourself enough space between you and the car in front of you. Extra space,” he said. 

The CHP officer also reminded drivers that if your windshield wipers are on, your headlines must be also. 

“It just illuminates your car a little bit better and it’s the law,” Corriea said. 

He also suggests if you get into a minor crash on the freeway — get off the freeway to a safe location to exchange information with the other driver. 

“That way you’re out of harm’s way. A lot of secondary crashes and injuries happen when someone crashed into you when you’re on the freeway,” Corriea said.

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