MONTEREY (KRON) — Folks in Monterey Bay are getting the chance of a lifetime.

For the first time, the Monterey Bay Whale Watch says they saw a killer whale pod, or family, from the pacific northwest in Monterey Bay.

They say it’s been years since they’ve seen new whale families in the area.

A Monterey marine biologist says they’ve seen roughly 30 different killer whales in nine different sightings over 12 days. It’s especially rare to have that many sightings over a short period of time in June.

Normally, the best time to see orcas is in April and May. They’re making a big splash in Monterey Bay and causing quite a commotion.

“Everybody’s really excited,” said Nancy Black, with the Monterey Bay Whale Watch. “Of course they’re the most sought out whale by people who come on trips you know they’re always hoping to see killer whales.”

Black has been documenting killer whales in the Monterey Bay for more than 30 years. In addition to new orcas in the Monterey Bay, she says familiar ones returned as well.

“We’re almost seeing them every day. In fact today we had killer whales again today,” she said.

So far, the Monterey Bay Whale Watch says they had nine killer whale sightings over 12 days, a record breaker for the month of June since they’ve kept track.

Black’s not sure how long this phenomena will last.

“We don’t know what’s going on or why they’re here so often now but they’re different whales, not the same ones every day.”

She hopes many get the chance to check it out.

“I always tell them this is a once in a lifetime chance to see killer whales in the wild since you can’t really predict when they’re gonna be here,” Black said.

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