WINDSOR, Calif. (KRON) – Members of the town of Windsor staff are in the process of reviewing a notice of intent from the recall Foppoli committee.

The committee is trying to remove Mayor Dominic Foppoli from the mayoral position after six women have publicly accused him of sexual assault.

The mayor of the city of Sonoma says he expects the recall effort to be successful and that it’s the only recourse citizens have to remove someone that has lost their trust.

“No one has the right to be the mayor of a city. This is a position of public trust,” Mayor Logan Harvey said.

City of Sonoma Mayor Logan Harvey believes Windsor Mayor Dominic Foppoli will not be able to regain that trust.

That trust was lost after a San Francisco Chronicle article published at the beginning of the month detailed four women’s stories of sexual assault at the hands of Foppoli — Since the initial publication, two more women have come forward.

“It’s important that someone that has this level of allegations that are so believable not hold a position of public trust and public power,” Harvey said.

Since the initial publication, the community has reacted, even holding a council meeting to ask him to resign, after Foppoli refused to resign.

He would be stepping back from his position as mayor but still be available if needed.

Mayor Harvey says he doesn’t understand how that would work.

“I don’t know what stepping back looks like as mayor. It’s sorta like I’m not going to do my job but I’m not going to leave my post either,” Harvey said.

Because he won’t resign, the recall Foppoli committee is beginning the process to remove him.

The co-chair Tim Zahner filed a notice of intent to recall and he says a lot of people are interested in getting involved in the effort.

“I’ve had to turn away people who wanted to sign the notice of intent to recall,” Tim Zahner said.

Even though Foppoli has not been criminally convicted of any crime both Zahner and Harvey agree that Foppoli can’t stay in office.

“Somebody who has lost the ability to lead and lost the people they governed–and the disgraced Mayor Foppoli has lost our trust,” Zahner said.

“There’s no way back from this. There’s no way to regain the public trust,” Harvey said.

KRON4 reached out to Mayor Foppoli for a comment and he hasn’t responded yet.

They would need about 3,300 people to sign the petitions for it to be successful and they hope to have those out in mid May.