OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) — Another potential challenge to the outcome of the Oakland mayor’s race has arisen. Unlike a previous failed attempt at a recall, this one may actually happen, at least according to some officials.

“A recount is going to happen,” said Alameda Board of Supervisors Member, Keith Carson.

Within days of Sheng Thao being sworn in as the City of Oakland’s 51st mayor, the Alameda County Board of Supervisors voted in favor of a recount in the mayor’s race.

“The vote was unanimous,” Carson said.

In the wake of an admitted mechanical error and a recount made by the Alameda County Registrar of Voters in the Oakland Unified School Board election, which led to a different outcome, Carson and the Alameda County Board of Supervisors authored the proposal to have a recount in the mayor’s race.

The difference between then candidate Thao and her opponent, council colleague Loren Taylor, was a mere 677 votes.

“I think that there was general consent, not just with the board of supervisors but with everybody, that we were attempting to, not only give confidence to this election, and try to rectify the mistake,” Carson said.

He says the recount will be done by hand and will be overseen by legal observers, voters rights advocates, political observers, both Democrat and Republican, in addition to representatives of the two candidates.

Taylor, the losing candidate, welcomed the decision.

“I absolutely welcome this decision,” Taylor said.

Although Taylor conceded the election and vowed not to personally pursue a recount, he says he did have his own doubts about the final outcome.

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“Absolutely,” said Taylor. “When you look at the small margin of error, less that .5%, it seems as though a recount makes sense.”

It also made sense to Mayor-elect Thao back on Dec. 30, in a statement regarding a prospect of a recount she wrote in part: 

“If the registrar of voters chooses to conduct a hand recount in the mayor’s race, to bring additional assurance that every vote was counted accurately, I welcome it fully.”

The county will foot the cost for the recount. No date has been set. Any legal challenges along the way must be taken into consideration as well.

“What’s important is to try to restore confidence in the electoral process,” said Carson.