Red light camera vendor to stay in San Leandro despite concerns

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SAN LEANDRO (KRON) — In the East Bay, it might be lights out for a red light camera vendor in San Leandro.

A city council member is pushing to keep the red light camera venders out of the city, but he was outnumbered by other city council members.

San Leandro City Council voted on this matter two weeks ago.

The one member who voted against it stands behind safety, but he is concerned about the vendor of the cameras.

The vote was 6 to 1 in support of renewing the contract with Redflex Traffic Systems, the vendor for red light cameras in San Leandro.

Redflex is dealing with fallout after a major lawsuit in Chicago in 2017 over red light camera bribery.

The company paid millions of dollars in settlements.

City Council Member Victor Aguilar Jr. covers District 3.

“To me, that was concerning as to who were doing busines with here in the city,” the council member said.

This prompted Aguilar Jr. to vote against the company’s contract last month.

But he was outnumbered by his fellow council members.

“The other members supported it for reasons being that it does save lives,” Aguilar Jr. said. “But my concern was to bring this in house so that we can keep the money rather than outsourcing it to a third party who profits off us.”

There are four intersections installed with cameras, mainly at busy intersections around the city.

Drivers KRON4 spoke to say the cameras should be removed, they say it causes more accidents and it’s a cash trap.

But the city says the cameras save lives.

As for profits, $180,000 in revenue was taken in last year.

Aguilar Jr. says the money goes to costs for equipment and staffing officers.

Redflex’s contract was renewed for two more years.

Until then, drivers will have to be cautious — running a red light cameras will set you back $500.

As of now the city is considering other vendors for red light cameras.

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