(KRON) — The Redwood City Police Department is warning the public to be vigilant in the wake of two incidents where thieves stole jewelry from unsuspecting victims in the parking lot of a Costco at 2300 Middlefield Road. The first instance occurred on Friday, Aug. 11.

According to police, the victim was approached by an unidentified woman who gave her a fake gold necklace. When the victim arrived home, she realized the suspect had stolen her gold necklace.

The second instance took place on Thursday, Aug. 17.

The unsuspecting victim was approached by an unidentified woman who gave him a kiss on the cheek. A few moments later, the victim realized the suspect had stolen his necklace.

Redwood City PD said it is actively investigating both cases and warned people to be mindful of their belongings when approached by people they don’t know. There is a common scam, according to police, where suspects approach victims and offer them free jewelry while stealing their actual jewelry.

The suspects in these crimes often target elderly victims, according to police.

Redwood City PD also addressed recent social media posts addressing a series of seven robberies alleged to have occurred at the Costco in recent weeks.

“There have been no reports to the Redwood City Police Department of any robberies occurring at that location during that time frame,” police said.