REDWOOD CITY, Calif. (KRON) — A second notice will be sent home to parents of students in the Sequoia Union High School District on Friday.

District officials want to continuously update their community on the coronavirus.

“Our parents and students should not feel worry at this time,” Mary Streshly said. “I think that the schools are the best place for kids to feel calm and a sense of routine.”

Superintendent Mary Streshly said on Friday all superintendents in San Mateo County are meeting with the county’s health department to coordinate communication to make g sure the same message is being sent home to students and their families — no matter what school they attend.

“We want to make sure learning is still possible and kids can move forward and be safe,” Streshly said.

Streshly said they’ve increased the amount of daily cleaning occurring at the schools in her district.

“We have activated the facilities department first and foremost to make sure that we have upgraded cleaning and deep cleaning,” she said. “We have increased our disinfectants and cleaning of all our common areas and we have a plan in place to make sure our facilities are as clean as possible.”

District officials also encourage their students and staff to wash their hands as much as possible and continuously wipe down work spaces.

“If kids or staff are feeling at all sick or have any symptoms they should be encouraged to stay home,” Streshly said.

At Friday’s meeting, the superintendents will discuss what the plan will be if the virus does spread to San Mateo County.

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