REDWOOD CITY, Calif. (KRON) – Redwood City has received two applications to open up gun shops in the last month including one at Roosevelt Plaza.

When people found out about this, they became outraged as the plaza, which includes an ice cream shop and cafes, is about a block away from a school.

There are no gun stores in Redwood City right now, so these applications have drawn up a big debate about whether the city council should allow one to operate here in the future. 

The city council approved an emergency ordinance unanimously that temporarily bans gun retailers from opening up shop.

This allows city council to conduct some research on zoning and how this would affect the health and safety of residents. 

It’s not that Redwood City has regulations on the sale of guns — gun retailers are just like the seller of any product: companies have to apply to open a store front. 

A petition circulated in Redwood City against gun shops opening has gained over a thousand signatures within days.

Some people spoke up last night saying gun sales should not be restricted. 

The mayor said the emergency ordinance allows more time to discuss this, especially since gun violence is a leading cause of death for children. 

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The emergency ordinance bans gun shops for 45 days and can be expanded up to two years.

A spokesperson for Dumpling Defense, a company that recently applied to open a gun shop near Redwood City, provided KRON4 with the following statement:

“We understand the city’s hesitation and its responsibility to the residents of Redwood City. However, we feel strongly that the moratorium is harmful to the residents of Redwood City and surrounding cities. The Bay Area is about inclusivity and diversity, yet restrictions like the ones instated by Redwood City only make it harder for law-abiding citizens to be able to protect themselves. With gas prices through the roof, local residents would need to drive further and commit much more time (and potentially take time off work) to be able to just exercise their constitutionally given right.

“As a business, we are saddened by the decision. We’ve had countless emails and calls with multiple members of the RWC Planning Dept. Business Licensing Dept. and Police Department. We’ve treated them all with respect and courtesy however we were not given the same respect and courtesy by having the rug pulled under us without any prior notice.”