Registered sex offender arrested after trying to lure 12-year-old girl at park

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PLEASANTON (KRON) – A registered sex offender remains behind bars after allegedly approaching two 12-year-old girls in a park in Pleasanton.

The mother of one of those girls spoke only to KRON4’s Michelle Kingston and says the man bought her daughter candy, asked to follow her home and sent her a text that helped the cops track him down.

“He wanted to follow her home, she said no and she raced home on her bike as fast as she could,” the girl’s mother said. 

The mother of a 12-year-old Pleasanton girl is hiding her identity to protect her daughter but wants other parents to know about the man who allegedly approached her daughter at Creekside Park last Thursday.

“Nobody is prepared for the kind of slick person he was. He knows exactly the right things to say,” the mother said.

44-year-old Muneer Hassan is a registered sex offender. 

The mother says he sat down at the bench where this woman’s daughter was doing homework with a friend. He convinced her to leave the park, bought her candy and she gave him her cell phone number. 

Then, the girl went home and told her mom what happened.

“And the more she said, the more I got so uncomfortable and realized that there is just no way he hasn’t done this so many times before,” the mother said.

The next day, Hassan sent the young girl a text.

“What’s up with my a cool girl?! Yes, this is Matthew, your number 1fan! I’m sure that you’ve been thinkin bout me probably as much as I’ve been thinking bout you! I look forward to seeing you around 4. Keep it game tight!$!$!


Shortly after the text was received, police arrested Hassan.

He’s in jail and his victim’s mother wants to make sure parents know how to talk to their kids to make sure this doesn’t happen to them.

It’s about keeping open lines of communication with your kids making sure when you talk to them about anything you’re open, you’re honest.

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