(KRON) — Close friends, family, and the community continue to reel over the killing of former East Bay basketball superstar Gene Ransom.

Ramson was gunned down while driving on I-880 in Oakland Friday night.

The suspected shooter, 25-year-old Juan angel Garcia, was arrested on Saturday.

KRON4 spoke with a close family friend of Ransom’s — who is still trying to make sense of it all.

Doug Harris remembers his close friend, Gene Ransom, a local basketball legend and Cal Athletics Hall of Famer.

Like Ransom, Harris also played basketball at Berkeley High and went on to feature Ransom in one of his documentary films.

California Highway Patrol said Ransom was shot and killed Friday night while driving on Interstate 880 in Oakland.

Harris says ransom was on his way to pick up his girlfriend before later heading to work when it happened.

CHP arrested the suspected shooter, Garcia, on Saturday, saying a motive for this shooting is still under investigation.

Harris says Garcia took away someone not only known by so many but loved by countless others.

Harris says Ransom was very involved with youth in the East Bay.

The two of them worked with kids for 20 years in Berkeley through a nonprofit organization known as Athletes United for Peace.

Ransom is now the latest victim of a freeway shooting in Oakland — just a few months ago, toddler Jasper Wu was also shot and killed on I-880 in November.