SAN JOSE, Calif. (KRON) – One shooting victim was pulled away from the VTA light rail yard Wednesday by deputies and fire personnel.

Then rushed to a local trauma center shortly after shots were fired in San Jose, says the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office.

That man was 49-year-old Alex Fritch who eventually passed away at the hospital that night, surrounded by his parents, wife, Terra, and their children.

“I know his routine of when he comes home and when he leaves. And, it was just kind of weird to not see him come home,” neighbor Jake said. 

Terra says Alex was a substation maintainer.

Their longtime South Bay neighbor Jake was devastated to learn why Alex did not come home.

“He’s a hard-working man. He cares about his family. He’s you know — they keep to themselves,” Jake said. 

At this time, Terra is asking for privacy, saying she is emotionally overwhelmed and worn out.

Alex’s friends say he loved tiki crawls, Star Wars, and was known for being an optimistic and passionate man.

“I would see him a lot, though, working on his dirt bikes, riding his dirt bikes. He would definitely be outside, working on the outside of the house a lot. They would go on walks a lot. He was, like, an energetic guy,” Jake said. 

A person who will be dearly missed.

Jake is giving the family space but wants them to know he is thinking about them.

“My condolences to you, and that we are here to support you and I’m truly sorry,” Jake said. 

The Fritch’s had been together for 20 years.