LIVERMORE, Calif. (KRON) — East Bay Congressman Eric Swalwell just wrapped up his district’s first town hall of the summer in Livermore. He updated his constituents on the Jan. 6 hearing, gun safety and community-funded projects.

Swalwell greeted with cheers in the gymnasium of Livermore High School Thursday evening where he answered questions from his constituents at a town hall.

Joe and Dona Murphy of Livermore say they are concerned about human rights.

“The Roe v. Wade thing. It felt like a basic human right was taken away from Americans,” Joe Murphy said. “I mean this has been secured for a long time so for that reason I’m very nervous what’s going to be next. It feels like there will be another shoe dropping that’s going to eliminate our freedom.”

“What can we do as the average American citizen,” Dona Murphy said. “I don’t feel like we have a good game plans or marching orders. We got boots on the ground. What do we do. How do we help.”

The Jan. 6 hearing was playing before the town hall. Swalwell had these words regarding former President Donald Trump.

“I was a prosecutor. I’ve put a lot of cases in front of a jury,” Swalwell said. “It seems that there’s an amount of evidence where all the arrows point towards Donald Trump as being the one who assembled the mob, (instigated) the mob, aimed the mob at the Capitol to stop us from conducting our duty of certifying the electoral college.”

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The congressman also talked about gun safety.

“Overwhelmingly, not just every day Americans, gun owners. Gun owners want background checks, gun owners want safe storage laws, gun owners want red flag laws,” Swalwell said.

Swalwell also discussed millions of dollars delivered through community funding projects that will help the Fremont Police Department, Livermore School District, and the East Bay’s water district “East Bay Mud.”

The congressman will host two events in August: a hike in Castro Valley and another town hall in Union City.