SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) — San Francisco residents spend more and get less from their police department compared to most major California cities, according to new research data from the Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice.

“This is pretty bad and it’s also getting worse. We have seen declines in arrests and crime clearances in San Francisco that are pretty alarming that have not occurred elsewhere,” said Mike Males, senior researcher for CJCJ.

The new report’s research shows percentages of the San Francisco Police Department budget per resident, SFPD employees per resident, and reported crimes per resident all going up, while arrests and crimes solved are trending down.

Anti-Police Terror Project co-founder Cat Brooks said she was not surprised by the research findings.

“Nothing that folks like me don’t know, and what we’ve been trying to assert, and really is the basis for the defund movement. We continue to invest in the violence of policing,” Brooks said.

“There is little to no data that more cops equals less crime. Actually, if you look at the communities with the most police, which are mostly urban areas, that’s where crime abounds. So, we’re investing in the wrong things,” Brooks said.

SFPD director of communications Matt Dorsey told KRON4 that the CJCJ’s research “is a political hit piece that is masquerading as scholarship.”

Arrests statistics are more of an indicator of national trends that are not unique to the SFPD, Dorsey said.

“It’s interesting that this organization is criticizing us because this is an organization that actually advocates for fewer arrests. And they’re criticizing the police department for making fewer arrests,” Dorsey said.

SFPD officials pointed out that their homicide clearance rate is above average in California.

Males said, “They should be proud of that, but they have very low rates of arrests for other violent offenses: rape, robbery, and aggravated assault.”