SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — The numbers say teachers are still experiencing payroll-related issues in the San Francisco Unified School District. A consulting firm was hired to assess the problem and ultimately recommend a fix, calculating the early numbers.

“I would say it’s probably a thousand,” said United Educators of San Francisco Executive Vice President Frank Lara when asked how many teachers in the district haven’t received their accurate pay. “The severity varies but it’s about a thousand.”

A thousand is an estimate. The final numbers are still being analyzed by a private consulting firm hired by the SFUSD to identify the problem with the EmPower payroll system launched earlier this year.

A presentation by the superintendent at a recent school board meeting shows 8,500 tickets or inquiries by teachers regarding a variety of human resources-related issues, including pay. A representative of the consulting firm on the early results of two weeks’ worth of data

“If you’re a person going on maternity leave, you have a right to that, and you don’t want to be dealing with your paycheck, you want to be dealing with your child,” Lara said. “This is dozens of stories. We had stories coming over the summer of folks not being able to have healthcare. We want the public to know that this is still a crisis.”

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Officials at SFUSD sent a statement to KRON4. It reads:

“SFUSD is actively working to resolve outstanding payroll issues. We have brought on additional support to assist in clearing the backlog of critical employee payroll issues, stabilize the overall EmPower payroll system, and build the necessary capacity within the district to provide ongoing support. It is our number one priority to ensure employees are paid accurately and on time.”