Representatives Jared Huffman, Barbara Lee say President Trump is racist, puts fuel on fire

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SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) – Thousands of people across the country continue to march in protest following the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, this while we’re still dealing with the global coronavirus pandemic.

Representative Jared Huffman and Representative Barbara Lee joined KRON4 to discuss the leaderships response to the unrest.

Rep. Huffman of Marin County described the president’s failure of leadership during this ‘delicate moment for our country.’

“So many other leaders have really risen to this moment. The president decided to throw gasoline on the fire and to suggest that this unrest that’s sweeping our country, which is complex as you mentioned, can only be resolved by brute force. I was very disturbed by what the president did and said yesterday.”

President Trump tweeted out on Tuesday stating that his administration has done more for the Black community than other presidents.

In response, Huffman stated that Trump throws gasoline on fires and Americans are aware that he is racist.

“He has no credibility and so yeah, he can make claims like that, that are all projecting and dishonest but Americans have figured out that this president is a racist quite honestly, and that he fuels division, he lives for chaos.”

Representative Barbra Lee of Oakland agreed.

“When you look at his agenda, he came to the White House based on a white supremacist agenda. Steve Bannon and his crowd and affiliating with white nationalist and white supremacist, this was the agenda that they won on. And so people now are beginning to see that. When you look at Bannon and what he called for deconstruction of the administrative state, when you look at how they have tried to suppress the vote, when you look at the budget cuts that affect Black and brown people, when you look at all of the policies this government has promoted, you can see the institutionalization of racism in all of them and they negatively impact African Americans, people of color, low income people and thats what this president is and that’s what this administration is all about.”

Lee stated that Trump has not risen to the occasion and it is unacceptable to fuel the violent behavior.

“Those who want to peacefully protest which I think is remarkable in terms of the coalitions and the multi-racial coalitions and people really hitting the streets saying no more, no more of these murders, enough is enough. But also I have to say this president has not addressed the real issues as it relates to police misconduct, brutality and murders, but the systemic racism that I think people in this country now are seeing.”

“Here in the United States, we’ve got a divided country that really needs leadership and conciliation. And we’ve got a president who effectively declared martial law yesterday and marched the head of his joint chiefs of staff over to a church, which he used as a very cynical prop, used very heavy force on peaceful protesters to clear the way. His actions are unhinged and deeply disturbing and they don’t help in this situation,” Huffman said.

Watch the full interviews with the representatives above.

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