SAN PABLO, Calif. (KRON) — San Pablo Police arrested a resident after they shined a laser pointer at a Contra Costa sheriff helicopter Saturday evening.

“That’s a big ‘No-No’!,” police stated in a Facebook post. The laser was pointed at the chopper and it’s crew. According to California law, a person can be charged from this action.

California Penal Code section 247.5 states “any person who willfully and maliciously discharges a laser at an aircraft, whether in motion or in flight, while occupied, is guilty of a violation of this section.”

The violation results to a punishable misdemeanor, followed by county jail imprisonment or a fine of $1,000. It could also come as a felony by imprisonment for 16 months to three years, or a fine of $2,000.

Officials say the suspect will face jail time. They hope the resident will reflect on their actions.