LOS GATOS, Calif. (KRON) – Restaurants are bracing for colder weather. The cooler temperatures and anticipated rain are posing a threat to business as indoor dining remains limited.

The manager of this restaurant planned ahead with cold weather in mind. He says this tent was set up months ago, and tonight it came in handy.

Light rain made its way to downtown Los Gatos Friday night. Lasting only about five minutes but a sign of colder days ahead.

“A few of our reservations already called to either move it inside if they could or maybe they’re just going to do to-go stuff so we’re just trying to accommodate as much as we can with the limited capacity inside,” Syrus Fotovat said.

Syrus Fotovat is the bar manager at Braise in San Jose.

The restaurant became “COVID-19 prepared” for dine-in service when Santa Clara County allowed businesses to operate indoors at 25 percent capacity last month.

Braise has been taking advantage of San Jose’s shared spaces program, closing streets to make room for outdoor dining but a change in the weather is adding another cost to make outdoor seating comfortable during chilly nights.

“We’re kind of looking at almost an entire weeks worth of income just to put heaters and coverings and that kind of thing so it’s a little difficult but people are starting to get a little more receptive to sitting inside,” Fotovat said.

Electric patio heaters kept Lisa Guineau warm during dinner.

“I think a lot of tarps are going to be necessary and a lot of canopies, I don’t know how else these places will survive,” Guineau said.

Lisa Guineau says she will dine out rain or shine to help independent restaurants like braise.

“We always support local businesses to keep our community thriving and especially businesses that we know have been affected by the virus,” Guineau said.

The owner of Braise in San Jose says he was able to benefit from the paycheck protection program or PPP loan during the initial COVID-19 shutdown and he just applied for a grant with Door Dash to help get more funds for tents and heaters for outdoor seating.

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