RICHMOND, Calif. (KRON) — A mystery surrounding a strange, incessant noise in Richmond has been solved, and the source is downright funky.

A $500 reward offered by Richmond Mayor Tom Butt helped rustle up clues for finding the culprit responsible for keeping Richmond residents awake Saturday night and into early Sunday morning.

“Hundreds of people took to Next Door and Facebook … to complain about an incessant bass tone beat that kept them up all night. Complaints came in from all over Richmond, San Pablo, and El Sobrante. People were so upset that many were driving around in the early hours of the morning seeking the source. There was much speculation, none of which has panned out,” Butt wrote.

Nextdoor user Jay Men wrote that the noise, “wasn’t normal music; it was a loop of some sort of electronic dance music (edm)/techno. Horrible night.”

Some residents thought the music was booming from The Fluffy Cloud music and light show at Craneway Pavilion, but the noise continued well past 2 a.m., after the event ended.

Other residents smartly guessed that the noise must be coming from a moving source, possibly rowdy people driving around the city with big boom boxes.

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Thanks to a tip from one person who received the $500 reward, city officials were able to confirm that the noise was generated from pickup trucks loaded with music speakers. The speakers blasted electrofunk music for a late-night party, Butt said.

“I now have all the details. The reward has been claimed,” Butt told KRON4 Tuesday.