OAKLAND (KRON) — Neighbors in Oakland are concerned and fearful after seeing a violent armed robbery caught on a Ring video surveillance system.

It happened at an apartment complex on Canyon Oaks Drive early Monday morning, according to the person who posted the video.

In response, city council member Loren Taylor and the Oakland Police Department held a meeting Wednesday night to address the video and crime in the area.

The video was posted in the Ring app early Wednesday for neighbors.

The person who posted it has since taken it down, probably in fear.

KRON4’s Taylor Bisacky saw the video before it was taken down.

As she described, the victim was just returned home and was heading to the door of her apartment when all of a sudden, a man with a gun came running at her. She started screaming and ran towards the door.

The suspect pushed her to the ground, robbed her, started walking away and then came back.

He continued to terrorize her until she began screaming at the top of her lungs and he ran away.

The shocking video prompted dozens of people to come to the neighborhood meeting on Wednesday.

Detectives are working the case in the armed robbery division specifically came out as well.

Many neighbors spoke out about their concerns, saying they’re seeing more burglaries and armed robberies in their neighborhoods. 

Now they’re asking the city and police department to do more patrols and take more action to stop these crimes.

“We get the neighborhood alerts with Ring and unfortunately I was afraid to show it to my wife and now she’s terrified,” Derek Krause said. “She felt so bad for the woman who was assaulted and robbed you know terrifying I’m sure it’s a life altering experience for her.”

“My little pocket has been affected by the robberies recently. We’ve had four over the last few weeks so were feeling really unsafe,” Brian Cash said. “I came here tonight with four people in my car and I see about a dozen other neighbors that are concerned as well. So police presence would go a long way. if we could just get a car on the street for a couple of hours.

Oakland police said they are investigating this incident.

It’s still an ongoing investigation but they say they do have an active lead.

Neighbors said this is just one of many armed robberies recently. They said some are happening during broad day light when they’re returning home from work or in their driveway.