CASTRO VALLEY, Calif. (KRON) – Video above shows the San Lorenzo Creek in Castro Valley and what’s left of the road at A Street and Crescent Avenue after the storm on New Year’s Eve

“The soil that was up against there took too much water and it just eroded away,” said Castro Valley resident Matt Abreu, who works in the construction business and has lived in this area for over two decades. In his 22 years, he says he has never seen anything like this. 

Concerned residents came out to take a look at the damage to make sure their neighbors’ homes with backyards next to the creek were still standing.

“I’m worried about the roads and the properties and the people that live near it,” said Castro Valley resident Michelle Smith. “There’s a lot of houses that have their backyards against this creek.”

Although there has been a break in the rain, the hazard is ongoing. Alameda County Public Works crews are reinforcing their obstruction of access to this area. People are walking inside of the barricade, where there is a long crack in the road running parallel to the creek. 

After so many years of drought, folks here say they welcome the rain but must withstand the accompanying destruction.

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“Mother nature. She will do anything. We need rain. The destruction comes with it,” said Castro Valley resident Yevette Abreu.